Storage Services

Our customers find value in utilizing our onsite storage facilities during home renovations, downsizing, and during transitional living between homes. Our network of carriers guarantee to handle and store your items with the level of care you would have yourself. Our pricing is more than competitive, but our carriers service is top-notch.

Safe and Affordable Storage Options

With VMP Logistics, you can store your belongings at one of our facilities even if it’s just for a short period during moving season! We have long-term and temporary storage solutions that will work perfectly to accommodate all different types needs.

A lot goes into making this life change as easy possible including finding somewhere safe where our carriers will put things until its time comes transport again. Our network of carriers make sure everything gets taken care of without any issues whatsoever.

Why Choose Us?

Look no further than the professional movers at VMP Logistics for your next move. Whether you need residential or commercial storage, we have got it all! Let our network of carriers help make this transition as seamless and worry-free as possible by providing comprehensive moving services that will fit any situation – including last minute plans when they are needed most.

Residential Storage

At VMP Logistics, our network of carriers know that many residential moving customers want to store their belongings while they make the transition into a new home. If you’re dealing with an extended distance move or need some extra storage space, VMP Logistics can help! Our network of carriers offer flexible options tailored specifically towards your needs and will work hard on making sure everything is taken care of.

Commercial Storage

VMP Logistics provides a variety of commercial moving and storage solutions for businesses. Our network of carriers offer office furniture storage, technology relocation services that can be securely stored during your long distance move then transported once you are ready to set up shop!